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  • lost your number buddy give me a shout sometime... lets play some pool... or ya scared....heahehehehe cya
    My labor for recovering is $300, so I was charging $300 to modify your rails...all together it takes about 10-12hrs of labor. The DCC went off perfect...and as you can tell by the silence of complaints...there's no one complaining about how the Diamonds play now. All complaints have stopped since the US Open, which is when Diamond first used my newly designed rails. For the first time in 25 years, Diamond finally has their rails playing right now, not that they were bad before....just more predictable, and controllable now.
    Hey Dave,

    I'm doing great. Still working too hard, but that's a plus nowadays. Waiting for football to get going and having a few beers every hour or two! How's life treatiing you my friend?
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