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  • Hello josh I just had a question or 2 or something like that. hehehe. So first off I'm curious what are the prices on the Simonis Stickers? and also, why aren't the stickers included when you purchase the cloth? or is that a possibility. I'm looking at getting some 860HR here soon and would love to display the sticks on my newly redone GC. I haven't looked at the Hustlin website but i will soon enough. thanks for your time sir. have a good evening.
    Josh as you know my hearing is shot, but last night I hit abt. 20 racks of 9 ball on my table.Wow it not only plays great but it has never rolled that quiet.Excellent job.
    I think you have the wrong handle. I do not own a Rozel Gold cup.... Actually I'm not familiar with this table.

    Good luck, thx Ted
    I just today got a Rozel Gold cup 9 foot table. I was trying to look up info on it and can't seem to find anything and seen your posts where you had worked on one. In fact the one I got looks exactly like the one you have posted. The only real difference is someone has taken off the ball return and just put in pockets. In your post you said you never heard of them before. Did you ever find anything on the history of these tables??? Whatever the case this one I bought from an apartment complex for $250. Didn't think that was a bad buy at all.
    not me looking for dvds. aske you about sending some pics of my table and cushions for ID ing. have to do it by email as i cant get pics on the az site.
    Hey, I'm glad you wrote! I forgot all about it, and actually never received the DVD's I bought from you! LOL Let's deal with that first before we talk about buying more. I might be interested though. :)
    Hello there
    I sold you some derby city bank dvds a while back, was wondering if you had any interest in some 09 derby bank pool original dvds.Only watched a few times in perfect condition. I am looking for $12 per dvd with free shipping. Take a look and if your interested write me back.Thanks! Tim
    1.Ike runnels-Ralf Souquet
    2.John Pinergar-Reyes & Brian Gregg-Shamn Putnam
    3.Frost-Souquet & Nevel-Wiseman
    4.Finals 2 dvds. John Brumback-Rudolpho Luat
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