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  • Thanks for the offer but I'm going to have a butt made from a Mark Bear blank to fit the Deep Impact Pro shaft I have. Good lookin out...
    hey a buddy of mine told me you might be interested in a mezz butt. i've got one for sale for less than you offered him for his
    Congrats to you Chris, Two more gems in your collection. You soon pass me at no time and See you at VF....
    Sorry I'm a dumbass. I see now that you post often, now that I figured out how to find them!
    Things are great except perhaps for the power outage and tree troubles! Do you not post on AZ now?
    Hey Chris! I haven't seen you around azbilliards in a while. I hope all is well. I used you as a character reference last night for a couple of prospective buyers of my Lambros cue. I told them you were a personal friend of mine and could vouch for my character. Hope that was OK? Thanks, Greg
    Was trying to get to yout Trader + page.. Hit the wrong button and came here..
    So, I might as well say...
    "Hi Chris"...
    FYI John was just on line hopefully he say you post, and got back to you. I was trying to help you, and I was not aware of what was going on.
    yes i have a bunch more pics of the fish i had....i dealt mostly with tangankiya fish...tropheus, petrochromis and cyprichromis
    wrapping that cue is the worst idea ever, i dont care much for wrapless cues, but there exceptions and this one is at the top of the "never wrap" list.

    take care

    dont think i'm going to SBE, were launching a biz right around then. So i might not be able to go. I will dcide last minurte-have fun without me
    thanks for the message, i would like to meet you as well, i dont know where I will be next time SBE???, I dont know. I'm going to playing alot for the next few months,

    How do you know how many rep points you are able to give? I have an older 4 point RS-2 Black Boar which is signed by Tony. He told me he only signed a handful this way. I think I want to sell it or trade it for a South West.

    Take care Eric,

    BTW - I will send you an email later on today.
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