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  • regarding my C-6 ;

    As soon as I can get the battery charged for my camera, I'll snap a few pix.
    Tried the phone thin and trying to get the phone to talk to the laptop is shear frustration.
    Yea, I'm a crabby ol' fart with limited computer and phone skills. I'll send pix in an IM.
    Appreciate your patience.

    Hey. I had that D19 restored and new shafts made. What a nice cue. Now I am looking for a D23 butt to put the shafts I got from you with.
    What kind of condition, and how much do you want for it and how much to ship to 81224?
    Intimidator I3, 0.845 and 11.75mm tip Kamui Black SS do you still have this for sale?
    let me know
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