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    Meucci Cue Case by Ron Thomas, of Thomas Cue Cases

    Found unused Meucci cue case and shaft from the remainings of a pool hall. This place was closed more than 20 years ago. The bag still has some kind of silica inside and the shaft was inside unopened plastic bag. Shaft rolls nicely on the table but it is still unhit. The bag was stored without...
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    Replacement part question

    Hi guys, I would like to get some replacement threaded wood insert nuts for Gold Crown III tables. I would need to order these on-line but I usually work with metric system. Can somebody please tell me the right inserts for corner caps and skirts? What type of inserts would you use if you...
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    I am looking some replacement parts. Please help

    Hi guys. I would need to find some spare metal threaded inserts for Gold Crown III table. Where do you buy yours?
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    Need help with Valley battery

    Hi guys, I have this Valley table which is not working. I think it is the battery. Can you help me to get this one working?
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    Diamond Pool tables in Europe!

    Hi guys, check
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    pooltable spots with logo

    Hi guys, can anyone give me a hint where to order quality pooltable spots with own logo? Thanks!
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    Pool table spots with logo

    Hi guys, can anyone give me a hint where to order quality pooltable spots with own logo? Thanks!
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    What type of bolts

    Can you guys tell me what type of bolts to use to attatch GC III pockets? Very hard to find suitable ones from Europe:)
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    New rubber for Kasson Vermilion

    My customer wants to get new rubbers for Kasson´s Vermilion model. What profil rubber I should use? Thx, Jussi
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    Washing slates with water

    Warning signs says not to but what can moisture do to the slates? Experience anyone?
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    Kim Steel cushion profile

    Could somebody please help me with this? Thx
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    Cleaning the carom table

    In our we have the same problem every time after re-clothing:the table works brilliant for first two weeks and after that angles are getting shorter. I was thinking if we do something wrong with cleaning. Could someone with more experience give good instructions for cleaning, please?
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    glue question

    What glue Diamond is using when they stretch the cloth on their tables? Sorry I couldn´t find answer quick from previous threads... And thanks in advance.
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    Simonis 860HR vs. regular 860

    "Simonis 860HR has the same blend of wool/nylon that 760 has, but has the same thread count as 860". This is very nice. I am big fan of Simonis 760. How does this HR react? Any good players who can tell me if HR is slower/faster than regular 860? Does it last longer? How does spin shots...
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    U.S. Open 2009 Final table

    What model is the final table in 2009 U.S.Open? Obviously it is Diamond but the corners look much different to Pro-Am and Pro models. Anyone? Sorry no photos. Jussi