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  • It's nice to meet you all,
    Thanks to all of you for the begin of a, I hope, long lasting friendship!
    Kind regards and all the best wishes, your Swiss friend Roberto
    Bill, pm me specs and price on that blue veneer Tasc.... I'm going to bed now but I might call you tomorrow cause I got a Gus szam I want to get rid of and get some cues in trade for....
    Nice website. Hope you make a million. I know as a Christian your supposed to think good of people so let me be the suspicious one.

    >Acquired DPK in Boston in 1980 but not sure if it's a DPK.

    > Does anybody that owns a DPK not know it?

    > Only second post to AZB.

    > Not familiar with selling cues on E-Bay.

    It's probably just fine but that stick better have a better
    provenance than," It's been in my closet for 31 years."

    Sorry to stick my nose in your business but I couldn't resist.:shrug:
    I'm glad you like the cue, you got a GREAT deal. Are you going to refinish it? Please post pics if you do.

    Hey Bill!!

    That Mike Stacey I got from you...... All I can say is AMAZING!! Blew my mind how well it shot tonight. I have to find out what kind of tips does it have. You where not kidding when you told me it shoots lights out. All I can say is you got a customer for a LONG TIME now, and it's a real pleasure doing business with you. God Bless, and be talking soon again.
    bill. please call me on that McD with all the clovers in it, Hope all else is good.

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