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  • Costin, I can't get a good hook up on one myself, but, go to your regular email and send a email to:
    joerackem@aol.com He is the only one I believe who could help you with this shaft. Please send him your shipping information right away and let him know Chuck Dvorak from Minnesota sent you to him.
    Thanks !Of course I must practice specially for jump shot and break shot (I'm still weak on this point but better than past)maybe I will buy the dvd from Robin Dodson I understand also you said nice words about it. About Jacoby shaft must be with uni loc joint and for tip normaly must be 12,75mm but what do you think about 11.75mm( I don't know the difference between this tips) About Monroe Jones cue I send you a link from AZ you saw? Thank you very much for helping me and take care till next time .
    Happy Birthday !!! First, I son't know a Monroe Jones in cues, sorry. Cant' help there. I will check with a friend on your shooting cue shaft, just so I am clear, let me know, it has a uni lock joint and your looking for a tip of 12.75 mm ?? or are you looking for a 11.75 mm ?? I would not change a thing on your jump cue other than practice more !!, lol.
    Costin How Are you my friend ?? Nice to hear from you and Thank you kindly for the nice words and to continue to be very honest and accurate with you, I truly have not held, not seen or not talked with anyone who has one of the Jacoby hybrid shafts. So sorry, The only thing I could say is that Mr. Jacoby is well respected and I am sure the shaft you would buy from him would be of good quality. The only outside cue shafts I sell are the OB Cue shafts. Let me know the model your after and what pin thread you are looking for and the tip mm size. I will try and hunt a good person down for you to deal with, or get you a price and check the item out before I send it to you. Whatever I can do for you, I will try my best on your behalf. Take care and talk soon, Chuck
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