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  • Looking forward to buying the beer next time! If I can help out with anything on my end, don't hesitate to let me know. cell 910 389-7700 thanx chuck! It's nice to know good people still exist.
    Rack-M Pub & Billiards
    1150 Henderson Drive
    Jacksonville, NC 28540
    finally got the pens, the lights are kinda crappy, but they work, but any black light will show the pen marks so i guess thats the real important thing, send me a mailing address and i'll get them in the mail early next week. you buy beer next time. later chuck
    got the pens ordered, they will take from 2 to 3 weeks to get here. china's a long way off. go to ebay and do a search for snakewood, find a seller named ' victorioussales '. the wood he is selling is very old and dry, you will have to buy some of the larger pieces and cut around the cracks, or if they are small fill with sg. look close at the photos and thet will help you spot the pieces with the larger cracks. as with any with snakewood its a crap shoot. good luck. later chuck
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