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    Icebreaker 2 ferrule length?

    Wondering if anyone can help Me out. I've been trying to find the specs on what I believe is a Icebreaker 2 shaft with no luck. I need the ferrule length without the tip or the attatched tenon. I have the tenon still in the shaft that needs to be removed, so l should be able to get the specs for...
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    WTB linen spool White/Wine

    I need order a spool of linen for a wrap job request, and since It's a somewhat seldom used color (for me anyhow), I thought I'd give It a shot here first, just in case someone wants to unload a spool that they don't use much. Doesn't need to be a full spool, but half full or more preferred...
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    CNC milling aluminum

    Well after quite some time It's looking like I may finally be able afford to buy or build a cnc in the near future. I know It's gonna be a long road, and learning curve. I also would like to use it for other stuff besides cue work, thus the reason for my questions here. Over the years I have...
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    well aged ebony round & 3 other sitcks for sale.

    Obviously the ebony is the key piece in this lot, but I added 3 more random sticks to It. The ebony is dark, can barely see some dark brown streaking if You look hard, pretty much the standard amount in a good instrument grade piece, but as far as ebony goes this is a very good piece IMO, all...
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    Mixed lot of wood for sale.

    This would make a great starter pack for someone. All of the woods in this lot are well aged, and most have already been turned round, and aged on top of that. Most of them will also brighten up after a fresh cut is put on them. Some turn a little dark & dull over time if the color is not sealed...
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    Shop floor coatings?

    I just signed off on a 30ft portable building to put on the new property. This to serve as a temporary shop to move My equipment into until I do some land clearing and can build a permanent shop here. It is scheduled to be delivered and setup on Tuesday. I need to get My equipment from the other...
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    Cue Building book for sale w/free bonus

    Sold!!I have a Chris Hightower book on building cues that I have had for many years, and I now know most of what is covered in It by heart, so I no longer have any use for It. As a bonus I will also throw in a older copy of Fine Woodworking that has several good articles in It including how...
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    Stuff for sale

    I have some stuff for sale and will be listing them here 1 Item or lot at a time. I don't want to spam with a bunch of separate threads, and Will add them here as I go so keep checking back for new listings. 1st lot up for sale is 2 purple heart shaft blanks. They are over sized and still...
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    FS V-bits for cutting point grooves

    I have 2 unused V-bits for sale. Purchased from They are new never used, and the larger bit still has the protective coating on it.. One of them is 5/8" and the other is 1" V-bits are sold, Thanks for looking, Greg
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    Taig indexing Headstock for sale

    This is a headstock that I had Chris Hightower set up for me. I only used a few times for indexing cues while I was inlaying them. It's never been hooked up to a motor, so the bearings are still like new. I don't have My calipers handy right this second, but I believe It's the 15mm bore version...
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    Possible Lathe for sale

    Possible sale on this lathe. This lathe has many upgraded features over the standard taig parts that might not be apparent at first glance. There are several Hightower parts here that I bought directly from him. The headstock is the large 1.4 bore with indexing built in. Bed is 4ft long, and...
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    looking for Lucasi Bumper

    Looking for a Lucasi bumper. I'm in need of one of the push in plug style bumpers. If anyone has one for sale or knows where I can buy one Please let me know. I'm having a little trouble trying to source one. Thank You, Greg
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    leather wrap question.

    First off let me say that I don't usually do leather wraps only linen, so that's the reasoning for My question here. I just did an "A" joint repair on a cue, and need to put the old leather wrap back on. Who ever did the wrap originally used some kind of rubber contact cement on both the base...
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    Cutting Veneers to Strips

    Other then a straight edge, and utility knife, I was wondering what You guys are using to cut veneers into strips for points? Paper cutter, laminate cutter, etc.? I was thinking about making something simple like an adjustable arm mounted to a linear rail block with a blade mounted on the end...