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    One-of-a-kind Wayne Holmes Tuxedo Cue!

    Greetings, Folks! Being that my brother is a true family man, he no longer has a need for this beautiful piece of art, and would rather have it go to someone who will truly appreciate it to either use or add to his or her personal collection (photos posted below). The cue, which my brother...
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    One-of-a-kind Wayne Holmes Tuxedo Cue!

    Greetings, Folks! Posting this up for my dear brother who has hit some very rough financial times. Don't believe the current unemployment numbers as there are many people who no longer qualify for unemployment and therefore aren't factored into the statistics. Anyways, this cue was...
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    Need some suggestions if anyone can help...(English related)

    Lately, I've struggled with cut-shots requiring inside English to either propel the cueball multiple cushions or to contain (hold) the cueball off a cushion after cutting in a ball. When I'm fortunate enough to aim and stroke through correctly, the results are often fantastic and work out in my...
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    WTB: 4-lamp Pool Table Lamp

    Greetings, fellow AZ'ers! I recently purchased my first home and had a 9" Brunswick table installed. I am already tired of the track lighting that resides over my table, so it is now time to put up a lamp that will provide adequate lighting conditions. Wondering if anyone has a 4-lamp (min...
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    My First Custom and a Tribute! - Thank you, Mr. Wayne Holmes!

    My First Custom and a Tribute! - Thank you, Mr. Wayne Holmes! PHOTOS ADDED! !!!!PICS OF FOREARM ADDED!!! Greetings, fellow pool enthusiasts. I'll try to make this short, but I can't guarantee it. If you have some time to kill, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and hopefully enjoy a...
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    KUDOS to Wayne Holmes!!!

    I just want to share with the AZ community the gratitude and appreciation I have for Wayne Holmes of Wayne Custom Cues. A few weeks ago, per my brother's referral, I contacted Mr. Holmes to ask him if he might be interested in taking a look at some designs I had in mind for a custom cue...