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  • A long time ago, many cue makers told not to become too close to the people.
    I was also told not to give out free or discounted work.
    Poor Bill Stroud .......
    Now, I understand why the cue makers say that.
    Alton, your work is always amazing! I, and everyone else, always look forward to your next project. You are the master! Aloha and happy bikini watching bra!
    Likewise to you Al, you do everything well. your a world class buddy. Thanks for the rep, take care and have a great build my friend..from your pinoy friend--Al
    hi sir alton,.. just want to thank you for your kind words in our work,.. my dad and my brother want to extend their sincerest thanks to you,..
    Hello Alton, I just looked at my CP and noticed you gave me some reps last week and I would like to thank you.

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