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    Wtb last schon tribute ivory joint cue

    Anyone have one of the last ivory joint tribute schon cues for sale
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    Gilbert full splice cues

    A few Gilbert's from the closet
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    Early schon cues

    Anybody have any information on these oldies.
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    Schon Peterson tribute for sale

    I have decided to sell my schon ivory joint tribute cue. Leather wrap Available with one or two shafts 19.1 oz Ivory ferrules Email me *Sorry for the bad pics. You get the idea.
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    radial pin

    anybody have a radial pin for sale? Don't need any other supplies just one or two pins for a bar cue conversion. thanks matt
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    porper lathe

    Looking for the small porper lathe .
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    new gilbert cues from cueaddicts

    tulip wood points ivory joint and hoppe ring one 13mm shaft 975.00 shipped ebony points ivory joint and hoppe ring one 13mm shaft 975.00 shipped birdseye maple points 2 shafts 13mm 940.00 shipped matching cues from mike gulyassy 2 shafts with ivory ferrules ,and moori tips. one shaft with...
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    gilbert titlist cue great deal on a one of a kind nautical theme titlist conversion cue. call matt (423)505-4159 2550.00 shipped
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    Gilbert Circus Circus Cue!

    decided to start a new thread since it has taken a few months since in-progress pictures were posted. the design theme for this butt sleeve was inspired from something andy and i both saw at a casino in las vegas when we were at the previous ICCS collectors show there. as mentioned before...
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    Anyone think Gilbert uses CNC?

    Contest thread.
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    CONTEST - anyone think Andy Gilbert uses CNC?

    You might now. :D Check these pictures out. All done by manual pantograph. Here's the CONTEST part. For fun - guess the base wood in the forearm and butt. Also, guess the retail price of the cue and the closest one wins $100 off a new Gilbert jump break, the last one we have here...
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    Haley, Haleys everywhere!

    Hi guys, my first post here on AZ. Just wanted to share with you some pics of another new Haley. Ron is building me this cue for the cue collector's show in Houston. Ivory diamonds will have small silver dots inside. Hope you enjoy. :) Matt Conerly