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  • And seems to me you you are the one with the parapraxis showing, no?????? WOW, just WOW. You and your Melee can go else where with this BS.
    Well then lets please please see some proof of where i have this cue???????? End of story!!!!!!!! Everyone will see through your BS because there is nothing else! Cash payemt, really!!!!!!!! See now it was a "cash" payment when up untill a week ago it was a trade. You make up more BS as you go. I need to start a public service bulletin because its pretty obvious you think you can make up and change whatever you like to suit your story. Devil is in the details and im sure ppl on this site can see that!
    I've never changed my story, it was cash payment and trade of which I received neither. You claim you didn't know anything about the deal, Freudian Slip Chris??? You can call me a liar, is my Wife a liar too, you talked to her and you lied to her. My posts are not a waste of time, I consider it a Public Service Warning Others about Thieves like you. My reputation speaks for itself as does yours. Send my cue back you Lying Thief!
    Here are the pictures of the Jacoby cue I just wrote you about:
    Hey, I was interested in discussing a possible trade for your Nitti... Anyway, I have a custom Jacoby cue from 1998. It has a leather wrap, cocobola wood to wood joint, the two original shafts that it came with (one normal, one slightly thinner), and multiple inlays and veneers (including coral inlays)... This cue retailed for $1295 when I got it, and Jacoby said he would make the same cue today (but not by hand) for $995 when I spoke to him at the National 8 ball championships in Las Vegas this past July. The butt and shafts are dead straight apart and together, and there is no damage other than a slight ripple in the clear coat of the butt around the top of one of the veneers (easy fix, about the size of a finger-tip... just haven't fixed it as it's not anywhere near where you hold the cue, and thus has no effect). I am going to try to include pictures here in a following message (this is too long)
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