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    48th All Japan 2015 (11-15Nov2015) (10ball) Amagasaki, Japan

    Chua played an amazing match. He missed two balls only. He must have shot 0.975+. Shane played well too, I only think he played a couple poor shots himself. That poor bank on the 1-ball at 9-4 was not a good choice. It looked like a double kiss that that's exactly what happened. Chua's...
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    SVB vs. Chinakov updates

    I liken the break in pool to the drive on golf. It is more than just a shot to start the hole. It is a power shot that requires control and consistency, and even some strategy as well. It is undoubtedly a skill. I personally don't like pattern racking, manipulating the rack etc, but to state...
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    Best one pocket match on film

    A few years back I made a big score at poker and bought myself a treat of every 1p match on accu-stats. Had to be over 100 DVDs. Obviously any tape with Efren, Daulton, Pagulayan, Varner, Frost, Parica, Shane or Joyner are great of course. One of my favorite players to watch, as far as learning...
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    If a foreigner wants to match up - where to go in the US?

    If you have any interest in swinging through the NW US, you should take a few days to swing up to Calgary, Canada. There are plenty of $1000 sets for you guys here playing whatever game you want. You might even find some snooker action. The best part is much of your action would be against...
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    PPV Sept 30 - Oct 2 $6000 Entry One Pocket 8 Champions

    Yes Chris I have the same issue. Says "Payment Pending -- No access" despite paypal sending me a confirmation receipt.
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    Scott Frost broke his wrist this week

    If I had to pay an $4K hospital bill because an ECG was read incorrectly by someone who should be trained in ECG interpretation, I would not be happy about having to pay the bill, especially if money is tight. If it was due to a "hunch" by the doctor that turned out to be wrong iin the end I...
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    Scott Frost broke his wrist this week

    People exaggerate their pain all the time to try to get in quicker, or just out of a need for sympathy. We expect that. Those pain scales are pretty useless clinically. But, saying you have chest pain, shortness of breath or stroke symptoms in order to get in quicker so you can get some...
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    2014 World 9-Ball Championship

    He just got 5th place in huge fields stacked with the top talent in the world, in back to back overseas events. Why do people keep saying he can't play overseas? Some of the Shane-bashers can be just as myopic as the Shaniacs.
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    Shane is out!!!!! Yu Lung wins 11-8

    I posted this after it was over. But I agree, I've seen enough comebacks over the years to know anything is possible. If Shane ran out that easy rack to make it 10-9, he only needs to hope for one single mistake/skid/miss/unlucky shot from YLC, given he was breaking 10-10.
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    Shane is out!!!!! Yu Lung wins 11-8

    Shane started off great, played basically mistake-free for the first 8 games. Matched by perfect pool by Yu Lung. Made a few mistakes in the middle and end which cost him the match. Yu Lung played great overall. There were really 4 racks which made the difference. The one where YLC missed the 9...
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    Pro level players entered in Bca open events

    I'm pretty sure there are two Chris Gentiles. The pro=level one is from Chicago, the other one (and prob the one you spotted in the open list) is from Florida I believe.
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    Shane just got 7balls off a 10 ball break in Bangkok

    Yes, that's exactly how I interpreted it as well.
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    Wuxi Classic 2014 Qualifiers

    Basically Alex played poorly, and Maguire played quite well. As expected, Alex's safety game was pretty good. He actually beat Maguire to the balls in 3 of the games but didn't score enough to hurt him. In one of the games Maguire played kind of a wild black, missed it, smashing the pack wide...
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    LED Table Light

    I know Brian. I'll send him a text to let him know you are interested. I think he might be in Vegas for VNEA.
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    Alex Pagulayan going to UK to try pro snooker

    I think many here are overstating Alex's snooker experience. Yes, he has certainly played more snooker than pretty much any other pool player, with the exception of some of the crossovers like Melling. But if you look at the body of cue sports experience Alex has it would probably comprise 5% of...