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  • what is the material of the joint? pm me please
    you your private messages turned off
    msg too big.... this is 2nd half

    The wobble in the lathe center must be the jaws on the chuck. I trued them up and they are dead center but the center still wobbles about 10 thou until I monkey with it and straighten it out. It irks me a little but this is not a $20,000 metal lathe. Don't get me wrong, I think the lathe is super.

    I pm'ed the forum moderator to see if we can get a page set up just for cuesmith lathe owners. I think it would be great but I haven't heard from him yet.

    stay in touch

    My pwr switch only lasted about 2 months. I found a drop in switch on the internet for $7. It is dust proof and no more problems.

    I only rough cut both directions. I always cut right to left on finish cuts.

    I got an excellent finish on my second cue.... I can give you that info if you like.

    I use a 7/32 straight bit for ring billets and buy 1/4 thick pieces from Bellforest. I run the 1/4 inch pieces thru my jointer/planer until they are the correct size. That makes pretty large looking inserts but they come out nice. I will work later on the finer stuff. I am still learning. There are places to buy 1/8 small slabs also.

    I believe I will stick to an "all wood" cue that is cored. (except the joint pin) I am just finishing my 3rd cue.

    I cut the rings with the cutoff tool. I tried the circular saw but it was a cheap one and cut crap. With the cutoff tool there is more waste but the rings are true and exact.

    Spencer, never heard of the guy, let me do some checking around. Did you you get a lathe yet? Some of that birdseye looks pretty good. My new cell number is 320-761-5133 give me a call.
    Spencer, any good tournaments or action for you up there? When is Mike Page opening his pool hall?
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