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    Brand new Wes Hunter cue ebony/zircote

    Is the bumper setup for extension?
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    Bludworth tapped Predator shaft

    Looking for predator shaft for Bludworth thread joint.
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    Diamond pro-am slate adjustments

    Question for the install pros, if you adjust the pro-am slate wedges and need to back them off, are they supposed to back off when you reverse the screw? What or how do you back off the wedges if it seems that backing off the screw is not lowering them. Do you need to loosen the slate to...
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    Predator 314-2 5/16-14 joint

    Please email me at Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    South West Tapers

    Curious to see what type of SW taper, SW cue users prefer. 1. Standard Taper 2. Standard - Pro Taper 3 Pro Taper I have only, to my knowledge I have only used 1 and 2. I prefer the ST but seem to find the SPT a little easier to obtain English, but squirts a bit more. How does the...
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    South West wrapless 12 point FS

    gone........... gone................
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    At last

    Searing At last This is amazing - no closet queen here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question about a rare SW cue

    Has anyone seen or have a 12 point Full Splice SW cue? if so how rare are they? like SW Titlist rare? just wondering. Thanks!
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    Southwest Franklin Era - EBONY ON EBONY -

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    FS - Jacoby "the Edg " Hybrid Shafts

    FS - 2 Jacoby "the Edge" Hybrid Shafts new condition. shaft made for a SW pin Specs: 30 inch Shaft ***** sold***** STD 3/8-10 - black collar - 3.70 oz - 12.75mm******sold***** Available. ... 3/8-11 - Southwest Window Ring Collar - 3.55oz -12.75mm Looking for 185 shipped conus OBO -
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    Question Regarding Liquid dowels

    Liquid Dowels is specially formulated and tested for billiard table slate. Direction: 1) Install slate in normal manner, center slte first 2) Before installing end slates, insert paper (business card stock) about one half inch wide, between slates at three points. 3) Continue with slates...
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    Csi invitational ! Congrats ko pin yi and ko ping chung!

    Don't think we have a thread on this but i thought we needed one for the awesome performances a lot of us got to witness. Good shooting my friends!
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    FS - Ebony nosed - Omega/DPK!

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    Shafts for Sale: Andy Gilbert & (new) SugarTree

    Shaft for Sale: Andy Gilbert - lightly played Andy Gilbert - Veneer Slot Ringwork Orange/Green/White/Green/Orange - Light bluing - very lightly used - Ivory Ferrule - Mori med Tip w/pad 12.75mm - Standard Gilbert Taper - Laser Straight .840 inch - at the joint collar 3.70 oz - 3/8-10 tap...