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    Kim Steel Slate/table 9'

    Thanks Garczar. Agree with the heavy doubts that we can find the parts...kinda hoping to just find another one of the same table for sale and just gut it. Mine is in awesome condition so I would hate to have to scrap the entire thing. Flier that somebody has an older model for sale or in...
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    Kim Steel Slate/table 9'

    We are looking to replace one shattered piece of slate on a Kim Steel 9' but can't seem to get in contact with the manufacturer or track a replacement down locally. The movers who busted it are attempting to locate just that piece but haven't had any luck so far so I am also looking for a...
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    Tournament square LED Light is finally installed

    any word on whether the dimmer works with this yet?
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    Pool Light ID help?

    I am trying to identify the pool light our home's previous owner installed, but I can't find anything similar online. Thought maybe someone here could assist. Replacing the table and will likely want a new table light, but I want to see what I have first. Any help identifying is...
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    Swanee Invitational

    Does anyone know if/when this will be? hadn't heard anything about it yet - but I thought it was in February last year.
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    Poison BRK X Jump break

    SOLD - I liked the poison vx 2.9 and all sport grip break cues I had tried, so when presented the opportunity, I bought a BRK X jump break from a friend - assuming it would be great too. Turns out, it is too light for my taste. I just want to get what I put in back (I literally bought this...
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    womens ncaa championship uconn/notre dame

    K I guess no action.
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    Masters Tickets

    So you may have seen my previous post about possibly trading my Master's practice round tickets for a cue...( but if not...that offer is still around. I am also willing to sell the tickets outright now. $ is tight after a...
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    Feeler - Masters Practice Round for cue?

    So I was fortunate enough to win 4 Tuesday practice round tickets for the 2015 event for the 2nd straight year. Last year, I sold 2 of them for $900 each on Craig's list and made out like a bandit. While I am perfectly content to sit back and wait until they ship to me in March when the...
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    FS/FT Brand New McDermott G211 - Motivated to move

    SOLD I have a brand new, factory sealed McDermott G211 for sale. These cues play amazing and the Low deflect G-Core shaft really hits em true. I was asking 240 and shipping for this cue last week...but I need to move it. I will take 180(you pay fees on paypal) and i will pay up to 10 dollars...
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    Looking to buy a custom cue

    I have shot with my Schon Stl-6 for years now and am looking to move on to something different. Would like a custom with a leather wrap, multi colored veneers in sharp points (I like blues, greens and reds), at least a little inlay work especially on the butt of the cue and an ivory ferrule...
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    Looking for some advice on a tip.

    I have tried a bunch of tips over the years, but I eventually ended up going simple with a Triangle tip. I like how it plays but the only issue I find that is that it flattens out a little too quickly for me (I don't break with it and am no banger - but it still seems to happen). Can anyone...
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    FS 2 mid level shooting cues - McDermott G211 and Lucasi LH40

    Mcdermott G211 is listed for $295 and selling on Ebay for around $250 + shipping. My price is $225 now 210 + shipping costs paid by buyer I will pay shipping now or I would consider trades to take down the price (Poison jump break cue or something else that catches my eye - willing to trade up...
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    WTS Mcdermott G211 in Blue

    Won this cue at a raffle and have no use for it. Sticker says $295 and i can't find one on ebay for less than $250. Still in the original plastic and has never been used or chalked. Message me if interested with offer.
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    Charity Pool Tournament - Marietta Billiard Club August 3rd @ 11:30

    The 2nd annual Break and Run for the Horizon tournament will take place August 3rd, 2013 at The Marietta Billiard Club in Marietta GA. The 9 ball event features a modified single elimination, race to 4 format on the winners side with a shortened race to 3 on the loss side. $30 entry fee gets...