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  • It's pretty much the same as others you find on YouTube.You have to devise a way to hold the buffer's pad 3 inches below the bucket's rim. The buffer's shape will factor in how you do this. The main difference is the separator in the center. This also agitates the balls to prevent them spinning on an axis. I just cut a 5 inch round wooden disk about 1.75 inches thick and drilled eight evenly spaced 1/2 inch holes centered around the side. The spokes are reinforced plastic hose inserted with a bit of glue, then trimmed to 2 inches length. This separator just sits on the buffer pad. The top disk can be thin plywood with the carpet attached with a single staple in the center. This disk adds another polishing surface and helps with agitation. I also use a motor speed controller to slow it down a bit which reduces noise and vibration
    Hey man, just got your message about your interest in my Gold Crown 3 and GC light? Please text me at 765-881-0160
    My name is Craig
    if you want to email me please do at parsnip88@hotmail.co.uk , i can reply quicker this way

    FYI my paypal email address is different so please dont send me a paypal request.

    thank you for remembering me
    Hi Nathan

    I had tried to send 2 messages...they must not have made it to you..

    Could you give me an all in cost for 4 tips including shipping to UK please

    Many Thanks
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