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  • Hey Dave...I am shocked to think you could get away with this. The internet is a very powerful tool, look at how everything you have worked for has been ruined and turned against you so quick. Did you think the AZ family would let you get away with this? Make it right, come clean, refund the guys money and lick your wounds and start over. It will be a long long time before anyone from AZ will forgive your sins.
    Why won't you return my calls, return my 3000.00, or ship the product I paid for?
    I am not sure this is the right place to post this but here goes... I have possession of one of the first Josh West cues (so I am told). The person who gave me the stick 25 years ago, only told me that he knew the guy who made it. Anyway, what I call the "butt plate" was chipped when I got it and I would like to get it replaced. I fear that the integrity of the workmanship might be at risk. I can say this, after shooting pool for 40 years, this is still the best stick I have ever used. On the "butt plate" it has a "J" with a sideways "W" and I do not want to lose that. The only way to replace it is to have the stick authenticated and the maker make a new one. Any suggestions on how to contact him? I can be reached at slcairns@cox.net.
    I was a participant interested in the Cue Repair Lathe. How can I find out if I was the successful "buyer". Thanks for your help. If possible email me direct at ge@gebroker.com
    I am interested in your cue repair lathe. I don't this much so when you say "no electonic checks" does that mean PayPal pmts are not acceptable? You can reply on AZ but I will receive your reply much quicker if you reply to ge@gebroker.com Thanks.
    Hi Daves yes i am still interested I will call you for the particulars. I have a Taig so I need the 6 ft bed. BTW do you have any quick change tool post? Pls. send me the amount and I will be sending you a cert. check just tell me whom I am addressing to. Thanks in advance
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