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    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    He does have that rare ability to not make much noise, and then step up out of nowhere and make a lot of noise. The Walken speech from Pool Hall Junkies comes to mind.
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    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    Damn!! Alex must be feeling good!
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    L R Ar pool scene

    Austin Arkansas, not Texas. Tiny town NE of Little Rock. Kromes is the best in the area imo. The VFW in Ward has tournaments on Thurs I believe.
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    Attention Texas

    Yes it is. We still have a little common sense down here.
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    Is Efren to pool what Ronnie is to snooker?

    I don't think Ronnie has any more natural talent than Efren, not even 1%. Neither do you according to your post ^^. If Efren was on Snooker since age 8, and you would pick Efren, the you believe Efren has more natural talent, as do I. People from across the pond, don't inherently have straighter...
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    Math Questions For Pool Players:

    If you really want to get into physics, there is no contact at all. Just observable reactions to opposing forces.
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    Is Efren to pool what Ronnie is to snooker?

    Had Efren had came up on snooker like Ronnie, I'm thinking he could give Ronnie the 8. JMO 😁😁
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    OB Cues

    No doubt. Watched him work in that garage many times.
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    Dallas BCAPL

    If you want to pm me your info, I'll get you in touch with DOC. He's just a good person to know anyways, as he's more in the know, than probably anyone in the DFW area, on all things pool related, and he's just a good guy.
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    5th Annual Spring 9-Ball Barry Behrman Memorial Tournament.

    We do...? I haven't missed him, his shenanigans or his drunk speeches one bit.
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    Yahoo.....COVID Vaccinations Are Gaining Steam........Alleluia!

    Except the vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting it, doesn't keep you from spreading it, "may" prevent you from having serious complications should you get it, and does not protect against new variations or strains, which "they" say covid is very likely to do... So you're ready to...
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    Shootout at Bank Shots...Illinois last night

    Wrong. Maybe your dumbass city slicker neighbors, I'm not sure. I grew up with a loaded gun in every corner, as did everyone around these parts. Guess what, I don’t know anyone thats been shot. Imagine that. If everyone had a gun, people would think twice before trying some of the stupid shit...
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    Past Derby City Earl???

    Who has the most "Master of Table" wins?
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    Dallas BCAPL

    Contact Doc. Any player in the DFW area can point you to him. Jam up guy, and a hell of a league operator.
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    Shootout at Bank Shots...Illinois last night

    Just another day in the Chicago burbs.