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  • Hi Deadnutz,

    I would like to buy a few of the muecci pill bumpers you make.

    Please feel free to call me at 469-781-5148 or email me at jamesdteague@gmail.com. Here is fine as well although I've never reached out to anyone on this site and am unsure if your response will me emailed to me.

    James Teague
    Please send photos of the Gulyassy, cant send message for some reason, Would love to see. Have been looking for one for awhile!
    I don't know whether as a forum member, if the reader of this posting has had opportunity to do business with deadnutz. Well, if you haven't, please allow me to give you my strongest endorsement of deadnutz as a stand-up kinda guy. I've purchased from him and Ray goes out of his way to make sure everything is perfect with the transaction and besides, he also just seems like a great person just to make acquaintence with....Can't go wrong doing any business with deadnutz.

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