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    Black Maple

    At an average dried weight of 40 lbs this wood isn't really in the cue wood weight spectrum. There would have to be something really unique about it before it would be worth more than firewood. JMO
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    Need a black g10 radial pin

    Atlas is out. Does anyone have one they can spare? Thank you
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    Bad Juma?

    Was just about done with this cue and during the final polish I realized it had a light spot on the butt cap. Thought it was in the finish and sanded it down and realize it's in the juma. And it won't sand out. Has anyone seen this with Juma before? Is the quality of this product gone now...
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    Wooden joint protector pins?

    I'm thinking about making wooden pins for the shafts on my 3/8 10 joint protectors instead of using steel ones. I made a tester out of a scrap of lignum vitae and it seems pretty sturdy but I'm concerned of how it will hold up over time. Has anyone used wood for the shaft pin on joint...
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    Identifying Wood

    With the popularity of coring the list has expanded to wood you never even heard of. Saw a rubberwood burl cue the other day. Fairly stunning. Was that on your list?