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  • just seen your post from january 31st as it doesnt show me these messages from my cell phone. i got a bunch of cues and new stuff coming in constantly. if your still in the market hit me up and ill get u set up with a nice cue for a great price
    Thank you for the info! Have you seen, or have any idea, if there is an old brochure still around? Also, what kind of value do they have(if any)?
    Thanks again,
    Hi Don,

    Slade cues was founded in 1975 by a man named Ray Holmes. He had at one point been an investor with Bob Meucci in some capacity, but the did not get along. So he went on his own.
    He and Clay Ethridge who later started Showcase Billiards were the cue makers and Nick wright who went on to work for Clay at showcase also worked there with them.

    The cues were of decent quality and the butts were for the most part on the thinner side, especially compared to most of the cues made back then. They offered 12 models as I recall. None of there cues had points, but they did have some very nice butt-sleeve designs and various decorative rings.

    Any way, they they were right next to "P.T.'S Strip Club" and as it turned out...they spent most of there time at the strip bar and not making cues. so in late 1976 "Slade Cues" was no more. P.T's however is still right where it was back then.
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