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    Printable Tournament Brackets

    Thank you! I'm not usually the "lazy" type...but time is a valuable asset today to say the least. Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Tapatalk
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    Printable Tournament Brackets

    Hi Chili, Yes I've seen that website. The problem is (and other threads have commented about it), it doesn't flip the losers bracket. Without the correct crossing you're bound to have similar matchups on both sides, causing problems. Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Tapatalk
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    Printable Tournament Brackets

    Does anyone have either a link or an image to a nice 32-man, double elimination Tournament Bracket? I've found a couple, but nothing that I'm completely sold on yet. Thanks!
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    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    Hey buddy, I was defending you. IDK something about someone being the reasons IM STILL ALIVE makes me trust their medical opinion a bit more. Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Tapatalk
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    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    Shots fired!!!! You do realize you're arguing medical facts with a licenced medical professional right? Probably should pick a different target with your theories. Sent from my Pixel 4a (5G) using Tapatalk
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    CBC 9 Ball Open!

    CBC Presents: The Inaugural 9 Ball Open! February 6th and 7th (If necessary) Doors open at 10:00, Players Auction starts at 11:00 Play starts promptly at Noon If you are late, you will not be included in the Auction! $50 entry + $20 Tourney fee (Waived for members) Double Elimination 9 Ball on 8...
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    Ebony Barnhart Widow! $699 Shipped!

    Brand new, unchalked/unplayed Ebony Barnhart Merry Widow. Cory isn't making anymore Ebony Widows right now, so this is your chance to own a premium cue without waiting! Widows from Cory start at $625 with no upgrades, and premium woods are a $200+ upgrade charge! Asking $699 shipped f&f, or...
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    Kieckhefer Triangle Chalk

    Shipped a half gross box of the old Kieckhefer Triangle Chalk and UPS decided they didn't want to pad the box correctly (paid for their boxing services due to the other items shipped). Does anyone have a similar box in good condition? If so, please let me know availability and price. Thank...
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    Black Boar!

    Outstanding chance to own a Black Boar at an extremely reasonable price. Very clean, lightly used condition. Comes with both a stock BB shaft, as well as a cat 314. All white on this cue is natural, but is believed to be done by someone other than Tony. Nice clean linen wrap. $1849 Shipped...
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    Mottey Matching Set!

    Very unique Paul Mottey matching set. Playing cue comes with 2 shafts, J/B with 1. Playing cue has 8 nice birdseye points into rosewood. Break cue is a house cue conversion with an extremely stiff shaft and hard break tip. Great chance to own a pair of Mottey cues at a reasonable price! All...
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    Calling All Cue Collectors!

    I will be listing more than 3 dozen cues over the next few weeks. Examples of makers are Tascarella, Mottey, James White, Balabushka, Gus, Barry, Hercek, Black Boar, etc. Serious buyers, please PM to discuss what’s available, and to get pricing before these cues hit open market. If my...
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    Paul Mottey 4 point Ebony Beauty

    The black ebony and natural white inlays make for a truly classic old-school look in this Paul Mottey. All white on this cue is ivory, minus the delrin buttcap, with stitch ringwork at all positions. The joint is piloted 5/16-14 SS, and wrap appears to be Spanish Bull. Two full shafts, both...
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    James White 4 Point

    Beautiful 4 point 4 veneer James White. Nice brown lizard wrap, and diamond inlays in the buttsleeve. Very clean cue that rolls straight and is in great shape. Butt: 15.2oz, 29” Shaft 1: 3.8oz, 29”, 12.85mm Shaft 2: 3.8oz, 29”, 12.8mm SOLD!!!! No Trades Images can be seen at the link...
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    James White Titlist

    Gorgeous JMW titlist conversion. Rolls straight and in great condition. Nice walnut titlist with amazing figuring in the forearm. Smooth black leather wrap adds to the classic look. Butt: 15.6oz, 29” Shaft 1: 4.1oz, 29”, 13mm Shaft 2: 4.2oz, 29”, 12.75mm SOLD!!! Images can be viewed at...
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    Paul Mottey 4 point Ebony Cue

    Beautiful Ebony 4pt, 4 veneer cue by Paul Mottey. Cue rolls straight and is in fantastic condition. Nice classic look with the hoppe ring and linen wrap. All white on this cue is synthetic. Butt: 15.6oz, 29” Shaft 1: 3.8oz, 29”, 12.9mm Shaft 2: 3.8oz, 29”, 12.8mm Asking $2199 Shipped...