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  • Thanks, i di love the guy. We were bes friends for many, many years.
    Well, if you call me Butch as so few do anymoe it means, i guess I should know who you are, but I have not figured that out, so who are you?
    I miss denver, very much.
    Hello - hoping you can help me. I'm trying to contact the relatives of Burt Kellerman and noticed your post about being friends with him. The reason I'm trying to reach them is to research a car he once owned - a Devin/VW race car. I got Mr. Kellerman's name from the gentleman he sold the car to, but not much more information. I'd love to try to learn more about the car's history from his family, and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

    Thanks very much,
    Jim Garaventi
    hope you have a nice holiday season, Im out sending my eletronic Christmas cards to everyone on AZ, Happy Holidays!!!! :)

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