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  • Donnie,

    I lived in Springfield for about 10 years, did you run the tournament at Dennis' Place on Sunday afternoon years ago?

    Thanks! I'm not sure I even know what you are saying (I think I do) but I appreciate it and will return the favor if possible.
    its 1.02% last time we calculated the REP point thing. That .02% is the inflation I remember when I buste 10,000 it took almost a year. At one time we calculated it at 1.06% but that was a very lonh time ago. What isnt understood is why it went down to 1.02%. If you ever want to calculate it, we can just wait and call each other right when the rep is gonna land and calculate it. We havent dont it in probably 6 months.

    Let me try and rep you now, I was out last night, I rep good posts nd my friends everyday.

    glad to be your friend, I like your posts a lot. i'll REP you tomarrow, it will be about 5,500,000 points-thats the best I can do. ;)
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