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  • Hey Drsnooker,
    I am still looking at houses to be able to put a snooker table in.. Unfortunately, I am looking for a smaller house with a big Living room, Hard to find but i looked a t a few this apst weekend and saw one that I like.
    I would like, if possible to look at the setup that you have(and also, maybe shoot some). Would it be possible for me to drive down to Houston this Saturday and take a look? If you are busy or have any commintments, obviously no issues.
    You can call me at 972992 8087 or drop an e-mail at painbuster@gmail.com. Thanks
    Hey Drsnook,
    I am getting ready to buy a 12 footer here in dallas for my home(WHich i am buying within 2 months first haha). My friend Kyle has played with you at your home. I am wondering if you have leads on a table for sale, tips , hints etc etc.
    I can also be contacted directly at painbuster@gmail.com. I have improved my game quiet a bit in the last 6 months or so, have been to vegas and played on a 12 footer for 5hrs each day for 5 days. It was liberating.
    Thanks for the info. My only snooker buddy Ajay (shootsnook), traded a couple of messages with you a couple of weeks ago. Yep, he and I were willing to drive down to Houston from Dallas just to shoot at Bogie's 12 footer. Since that and Cheetah shut down then we just might take you up on your offer to shoot somewhere, public or private. I will be on a one week vacation from work starting Mon. Aug. 23rd. I could be free to travel down to your area as early as Sun. evening, the 22nd. Let me know when would be a good time for me to come down there and hopefully we can work something out. E-mail at kbowmandc@yahoo.com or call/text my cell: 214-507-3859. Thanks, -Kyle
    I recieved your name from Gary at findsnooker.com because I am looking to play on a 12 foot table somewhere in the DFW area. I play regularly on 2 different 10 footers. My only hope apparently is that someone owns one in their private residence and wouldn't mind some friendly competition. I respect the game, table, etiquette, and everything else. Can you help? - Kyle Bowman
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