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  • Hi pal

    Hope you like it. Please let me know when you get it

    Thanks again and stay healthy

    How are you doing, I go by DEA on AZ but haven't been on here in years. I bought your Abe RICH cue on eBay and should have it Monday. Take care.
    Thank you very much for the reply. I'm now out of question and looking forward to buy red urbain 3x5.

    Best Regards
    actually the side with the predator logo is very tough and looks pretty cool.

    I've gotten quite a few compliments on it. I have a Jb case, and a quite a few other cases and use this almost exclusively unless it raining. I dont want it to get wet, so if its raining I use a leather its George or a copy kat.
    Yes, it is an actual hard case. I leave mine standing against a wall at home as you describe and the cues are extremely well protected. It will not bend. It just has the appearance of a soft case.

    Good luck
    Thanks for the reply, so I'm down to only one question now. Is the "hard"case is tough enough and not bend the cue like other "soft"case? Because I had a custom made 4x8 softcase (I also have mezz JPC3x5 and elite 2x4 hardcase) which I prefer to use when going to my billiard club after work, but in the past time my brother put it diagonally againts the wall while put my backpack over it, so my playing cue slightly bend. Then I heard about this hardcase which looks like a softcase, so I am very carefull not make that incident happen again.
    Thank you very much.
    Hi, I saw your post about predator urbain case. I'm interested to buy one, but I'm also wondering about the "hardcase" part of the case itself. Is the hardcase mean that it has a molded divider for the cue?
    Thank your very much.
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