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  • Hi, Darren
    We should be re-opening California Billiard Club in Fremont California around June or July.
    We will be renovating the new building starting March 1, 2013.
    We have added about 10 more tables than in Mountain View.
    Hope to see you at are re-opening.
    You are a class act and glad you won our last event.
    Take care, Barney Calip California Billiard Club.

    thanks for your reply, I will tell JA. I agree with you. I would fall asleep in the long races. I like pressure and playing to 100 i lose focus and wake up so far behind I cant catch up.

    Plase dont take offence to me asking you, it wasnt personal, Ja just wanted to know. I felt awakward asking you as your a good friend and a player I have the highest respect for.

    The answere is no, and its finished.

    my very best


    Congratulations on winning the U.S. Open. You played hard and deserve your new title. Well done!
    Hi Darren,
    Ignacio has made arrangements for a race to 100 over three days in Oaxaca, Mexico, which is a very pretty area. All expenses would be paid, it would be in the nature of an exhibition, with $1,000 US to the loser, $3,000 US to the winner. Ignacio said he spoke to you in the Phillipines, and you might have some interest. He has the idea that Bustamente would be the opponent, but we have to make sure he wishes to participate. Please let me know. I'm copying in Jerry Forsythe with this message, as he is in the Phillipines now and may be able to get in touch with Bustamente. Thanks and best wishes.

    Michael Chesser
    Aiken, SC
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