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  • Can someone ask Eddie to send me the photos of mine that he has had for many years or give me his phone number? Thanks
    Please send my billiard photos Eddie. It has been years and your excuse that you have not been able to scan them is irrelevant when you keep someone's property for 7-10 years. Do the right thing, return my photos.
    I'm fine, thank you. Please give J Fusco my best. Email address er89121@aol.com. Suggest your friend provide full name and zip code with emailed questions or requests for info, prices, whatever. Noticed my SMS book on sale here recently and then there's a raffle; unless those have ended I'd suggest taking a look there first. Button options are "post message" and "go advanced"; will this message go to you as private message or is it posted for all members to see? I'll try "go advanced" button first. Well that didn't work so I'll now select "post message". S..t!
    Got following result though I'd already logged in: "The following errors occurred with your submission

    1. You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again."
    Got an idea as to how might get this reply to ya but this will be my last attempt for I'm buried with work here. Logged in again and maybe this will work.
    Eddie R
    Hi Eddie
    Hope you are well. My friend would like to buy 1 copy of each of your one pocket books.
    Please send me your email or post instructions for me and I will send him the info.
    ps saw Jimmy Fusco last night, he says hi.
    Hi John,
    Happy to get your reply. I still don't know why I saw a different color next to your name. One of these days I'll have somebody explain all that most probably easily learn on their own re how things work on the AZB.
    As for my books, i wish I could get back into the publishing business so I could get more books published and sell them as cheaply as I'd done up to 1997. I've only a few boxes left of W1Ps and figure to run out of them this year. I'll have to figure out something then for I certainly can't make it on just my SMS books and my monthly $669 social security. Meanwhile I HAVE to get good money for whatever books remain; found a few more damaged ones that will go for less.
    Thanks again,
    Eddie R
    hi, eddie robin.

    I don't recall thinking any negative thoughts of you, much less leaving any negative remark nor rep points...nor any purple icon for that matter. I know we exchanged a couple of private messages. I asked you if you ever planned to put your one pocket texts back into print. Now that i think of it, you never answered my question. You just told me there was a copy for sale on ebay for about $200. In any case, i hope you put those books back into print.
    It's certainly none of my business, but i noticed that you mentioned being broke a couple times in the forums. I'll bet you'd make a nice chunk of change if you put out a few hundred more copies of WW1P & SMS at a more reasonable price.
    Best wishes,

    John Galt
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