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    QB Cue

    I have one offered for sale. 4 point leather wrap test hit one shaft other unused. Great cue but I barely play anymore and when I do generally use my Carmeli. Link to sale thread -> Let me know if you...
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    Cues for sale QB and predator

    Bump Sent from my SM-N970U1 using Tapatalk
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    Wood and cue building items for sale.

    **First person to post ill take X in this thread gets it** **Prefer PP FF Link to Photos: Selling some wood and other cue making items I have lying around. Items for Sale: Trim Rings...
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    Compression die and tip press for sale

    Sold Thank you Larry!
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    Wood for sale

    Remaining Bacote moved to other sale thread. thank you.
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    Cues for sale QB and predator

    Two cues for sale prices includes continental US shipping (3 day) and PP fees are on the buyer add 4%. Please PM any questions. 1: QB custom cues. excellent condition. 4 point 4 veneer. Black,Blue, Green,Natural nice propeller inlays. Rings at all positions. Nice textured leather wrap...
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    Double A cue, Aaron Astle

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    Replacing JB J. Flowers tribute zippers

    Hello all, Has anyone replaced the zippers on a J flowers tribute case? Have 1 with 2 broken zipper one is just the pull thingy(technical I know have no idea what it's called) other is the slider assembly. (This one either) Basically need to now if someone has done this before and the zipper...
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    Blah blah bleebity blee blah Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
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    Predator SP4NWP with 314-3

    "....................consolidated sale threads
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    Silencing diamond ball return

    So is their a way to silence a diamond ball return? Thinking rubber where the balls collect but what about the wedge? 9 ft diamond pro am Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wtb predator cognac the dark model

    Found one thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hightower lathe for sale

    Sold and delivered.
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    Weekend pass cost

    Does anyone remember what a pass for the expo cost? Not asking for me I'm playing in a event, they are on the fence about playing and its not on the web site. Thanks
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    Larry Miller LM Dymondwood jump/break cue

    Bought this cue about three months ago. broke maybe 50 racks with it at the house. Like the cue but need to fund another purchase. *sold*shipped straight together and apart new except for the chalk on the tip. Specs: 13 1/4 mm tip straight taper on shaft 21oz g10 tip/ferrule