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  • Your merchandise is over priced, in sub-standard condition, and you are a waste of space in
    wanted/for sale...this is a community of enthusiasts that look out for each other for the most
    part. You represent the bleeding a$$hole nit side of pool. I advise everyone to avoid you
    as if you were herpes.
    Hi, thanks for the reply.can we just confirm the price before I send the money through PayPal.
    According to my calculations the total comes to $197.60 with all the fees.
    Please confirm then I'll send the money and my mailing details.
    Many thanks!
    Hi Boss!!!! How are you?

    Just checking if you still got the predator patches?
    I was just thinking if I can send the money to your bank account...thru wire transfer...
    Then you can send the patches thru EMS to one of my friends there in the states?

    Ya mon, mi here now. I just shot st palm court last night and I told them you said hi. They say they call you geo. He said he bought 2 blue cloth from you and a cue too. They have a 9 foot table in the front now bby the tourny is great here. Guys fom Lucea are coming in too play tonight so I'll be there shooting. Hopefully we can meet someday and play some. ¥ou play any one pocket?
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