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  • Hey Erica,

    I'm sure you don't remember me. My name is Matt Cater. I used to play pool with you and Mike Dube at the MUB at UNH. To jog your memory-one time you took $60 off me at some dorm that had a plywood table and I ended up putting my foot through it.

    At any rate, I saw your name when I came across some tournament results somewhere online, and was floored. Pretty cool that you became a pro. I topped out around mid-B and pretty much gave up. I haven't played in a looong time, but I recently played at Snooker's and sort of rekindled thinking about the game.

    If you ever want to play, especially 14.1, I'd be interested. All the good places in MA are shut down. I think the only one left really is that place in Ayer. I live near the Wave in Waltham. Their Brunswicks are o.k. I guess. Anyway, if you ever want to knock 'em around, my e-mail is gmmattcater@yahoo.com. If I don't hear from you, good luck and congrats on going pro. That's quite an achievement.
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