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    Judd Trump says he'll give pool another try

    speaking about Judd Trump , a good laugh by Steve Davis :
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    Buy a carom or pool table?

    some years ago in France, about straight rail ranking, when playing on small tables (9' aka 2m80) you had to reach >20.00 general average in a round robin official tournament (game in 200 points , big corners) during a season to be able to compete the next year on 10' tables aka 3m10 ...
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    Well I did it. I finally got a Carom Billiard table for the home

    a very nice table to pratice straight rail ! congratulations !
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    Pique and masse shots

    in this video , you'll see both shots , 'masse' & 'piqué': 'piqué" shots --> from 10'56 to the end --> 'massé' shots --> from start to 10'56'' -->
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    Pique and masse shots

    in french, a 'piqué' is a draw done with an elevated cue = a 'massé' without curve, just draw. this kind of shot is mostly used in the small games -straight rail, balkline- nota : most 'piqué' look like a draw , but there is a kind of 'piqué' which requires side spin , called 'piqué...
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    Carom ball sets - question/recommendations

    hi , It looks like you're looking for 3 balls of an Aramith Casino set ! But a cue ball, a 1 ball and a 3 ball of a regular set would do the job. IMHO to play english billiard on a pool table can be fun, but it's sooooo different than the game on a snooker table , than you could be...
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    Cue Tip preferences

    hard for straight rail/balkline , soft for 3 cushions
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    why is it too hard to find 17oz cue?

    you could look to a 'straight rail' butt (made for carom small games) , then add a pool shaft. (17oz being an usual straight rail cue weight. but they're shorter, so you want a pool shaft...) for that, you need to check 1-the joint pin to be compatible 2-the collar diameter to be compatible (...
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    Stance and double vision

    you obviously have a binocular/oculomotor muscles problem. To make a primary oculomotor muscles checkup with an orthoptist would be a good idea, pal.
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    Stance and double vision

    hi, it's time to visit an orthoptist and/or an optometrist ! Do you wear glasses ?
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    can the Williard tipping machine deal with break tips ?

    hi ! Is it possible to "confortably" install break tips with a Williard ? i mean, is it possible to trim the break tips to ferrule size with the trimmer blades ? (by break tips, i think mostly to samsara, white diamond & Taom ... )
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    a good laugh , Archer & Earl

    An old vid , probably already posted , a good laugh, thanks to Johnny Archer : the fun begins at 5' 35" mouahahaha :thumbup::p
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    maccassar ebony/Karelian birch burl double butterfly

    maccassar ebony/Karelian birch burl , russian double butterfly Hi ! An AZ fellow wanted me to show him an unusual cue i own , so I share the pics. Not for sale ;) I know, i know, crappy pics ... sorry! but better than nothing. Some pics of a russian butterfly pool cue , i'm the only owner...
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    samsara break tip

    samsara break tip review Here is my modest feedback about the samsara break tip : Some weeks ago i decided to give a try to the samsara break tips, as replacement of the hard laminated tips i was using on my break shafts.( kamui black hard & ultraskin HH , both with 3 layers removed and a flat...
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    Tascarella for sale on a french website. scam or not ?

    HI ! here is a link to a french website, showing a 2012 brand new Tascarella for sale. According to the asked price (1900€ = 2500$ ) , to the description (brand new, 2012 , never hit a ball , 2 shafts ...) which looks to be an...