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    Support our makers

    I post this every once and a while. I see many people buy used cues or cues from other makers just to see how they fair in play. There are MANY good mates on here that make great cues and I feel we need to support them a little more than we do and give them credit where credit is due. To date...
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    Wildthing wanted

    Do you guys remember the "Wildthing"cue ? I am a stipler and keep ex amount of funds just in case I run into something I really want that is top shelf. I really wanted a wildthing cue but was told wait till them come down a bit and they did not come down back then. Does anyone remember the maker...
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    Stolen cue advise PLEASE

    sorry wrong section I got a red for that sorry
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    Anyone interested in this swap

    Ill swap for a few very good cues to add to my collection a 1969 corvette motor that's built installed in a 91 Camaro convertible. Everything is new just cosmetic touch ups need t done and some of the plastics installed.Its a 1 of 1 car with all documentation and receipts.Must live in MD area as...
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    Who got it?

    I pulled the post due to snowmans insinuations.He is always on a woman some way to hastle.You got it all snowman.They all need died and I have more scruggs cues than most could count.I ask forsomehing I want anyone tread on me.I list a set of late 1970s cues and you drill me on some early 1970s...
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    Age Vs youth Vs bagadge

    I had asked Jam how old a player was on another thread,She has said 44 and I thought wow how are these people saying so old.Thats not old .Look at the history some players top out the older they get.I have researched this alot.I inquired 2 years ago before I started my heavy training.It is about...
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    Sad information given to me today

    Tim Scruggs makes the best cues ever made.He is the king of cues and should be recognised for more than just cues but what he has done for pool itself.Scruggs cues are the best ever made and always will be.
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    Stuff your not in use of for trade and wants

    Been a while since I have seen this thread we used to put up with the stuff we have we do not need and the stuff we would want. Been a long while since I have seen one of these threads.Well here is the stuff I have accumulated I do not want for stuff we want What I have to trade I do not...
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    Jump break cue may I have your thoughts

    I have decided to get a jump break cue made by the cue maker of my shooting cue.Now the maker is very flexable to his customers so I will have it made to look like my cue by my specs. I was wondering from anyone who uses jump break cues what you find to be the pros and cons of your jump break...
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    Possable long term scheme has happend to AZ

    I just wanted to see if I could edit and erase a post.It appears you can erase anything but the lead tital.
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    Recomendation for lebow Cue

    I just recieved a cue from Sheldon Lebow from Lebow Custom Cues.Exactly what I asked for.He is great when it comes to seeing in his mind what you want.Very easy guy to work with and you can tell by the work he does that he takes his time and makes it right.Totaly outstanding Sheldon.Exactly what...
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    Sheldon your the man!

    I just recieved a cue from Sheldon.Exactly what I asked for.He is great when it comes to seeing in his mind what you want.Very easy guy to work with and you can tell by the work he does that he takes his time and makes it right.Totaly outstanding Sheldon.Exactly what I ordered and wished in my...
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    Birdseye cue

    Could I get a price emailed to me or PM on what would be the cost to make me a birdseye maple cue.Only birdseye with a irish linen wrap.I would like 3 shafts with natural bands.I would also like and ivory joint with the natural band below it.I would like a delron butcap.I would like white with...
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    Signature under wrap

    I just took the old wrap off of a I do know 40 year old heubler.There is a signature that looks to be in pencil.Is this of signifigance?Can I just spin the glue off and if the signature comes off so be it?I thought all heublers were inported.Is there any value to keeping the signature?
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    Oh The Games we play

    I would like to thank Mike nice site.Thanks Jam your great people.Stix your a cool Dude so is Purdman.Shorty you aint small at all bro.Your a big man in my eyes.Others I talked to sorry I did not mention your names but Im not sure who is who now.Just because there was dude others had probs with...