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  • Hey Kid--Small tourny at the new poolroom across the road from Clarence's resturant on the 14th of December--50 buck entry fee--grab hold to Allen and bring him up with you.
    Hope your doing well!
    It was nice seeing you again too. I think you outplayed me in our last pocket 8 ball round - we all go hot and cold. The inconsistency is part of my amateur status. I can only aspire to be more consistent. I played again today with Kai (you know him?) and started so cold. Lost first 100 point game by over 80 balls!?! Played better in the next game to 50 but lost focus near the end and gave up the ghost needing 8 balls to get out. Tomorrow is another day, maybe I will see you then. Take care.
    Whats in Galveston? Earl came by and gave a trick shot exo--Played Golf with him the following Sunday--Riggs just finished college and starting to play some music again
    Pool is getting better--I just keep working out --maybe I'll find it again--maybe I won't
    but maybe it will be fun once more like it used to be
    thanks for the message about the 10ball challenge, i will be doing it again next year far as i know, heck i might even play in it, (thats like giving someone a buy)LOL, its fun-I do it for pool, I'm doing me best, someday when my $$$ is right I'm going to make a huge impact on mens pro pool
    Greaat avitar, I love the commercials they use the little eye ball $$$ guy, or what ever the heck its called.
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