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    Owning your own table.

    Had a 9ft GC2 since 2013. My only regret is not being able to play as much as I want.
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    So ESPN can't find time for pool?

    Now that's when you know ESPN has hit the bottom.
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    Anyone remember... Old law against advertising 'Billiards'

    As a retired skater, I have no problem with this!! :D ...of course not the bad part about billiards though....just the skatepark!
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    DrDave wins award

    Definitely a deserving recipient! Well done Doc!
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Sorry to hear. Vermin live everywhere.
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    I'm no expert on cuemaking....but when someone quotes me a 3yr lead time to make a cue, I think I'll go elsewhere.
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    Yahoo.....COVID Vaccinations Are Gaining Steam........Alleluia!

    I've already had my second shot.....but I did play a couple saturdays in February. I was playing in a humiliating manner....a 4-ball run was about as good as it got.....but I didn't care! I was PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!! :sneaky:
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    Last Pocket 8 Ball Rules Question

    I too have always wondered about this, but was never faced with the situation.... Now I know if I ever do. Last pocket is all we play here if we're playing 8-ball. I appreciate the clarification.
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    Jeanette Lee

    She'll be in my thoughts. Horrible news. :(
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    Weather check............

    Salem, MO; base temp of 2, W/C of -17. ~3" of snow expected tonight, 6~8" overall from this storm. Stay safe everyone, its fruckin' COLD! I called Al Gore and asked if he'd shovel all the global warming off my driveway, he hung up. Don't leave your cues in the car!
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    Lost my Born-Again Billiards Virginity

    Like so many of you, because of CV19 our pool activity has been little to nill... I don't think I've played against another human being for over a year..... A buddy came over today and we played a good ~6 hours straight! I played absolutely awful (horribly out of practice)....but I didn't...
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    Will Pool ever make it to the Olympics? Break Dancing just did! Maybe we can get Earl to hurl cues at hay bale!

    Pool in the olympics? umm no. Pool is certainly a game of skill....but requires little to no athletic abilities...unless the shooter is balancing on one foot with a 400lb barbell across his shoulders while executing a multiple rail bank shot....then, maybe....but really, some 350lb slob with a...
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    We don't allow multiple accounts

    I could think of a few suspects that troll NPR, and maybe other areas here..... ;) I always loved whacking dupe accounts on my car forums, they always thought they could outsmart a good admin....but with some interesting tools in the toolbox for catching them, they got zapped. After a few...
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    Opponent on Cell Phone - Disrespectful ?

    It annoys me to no end.... If your phone is more important, forfeit the game go somewhere else. Before cell phones, I thought the most disrespectful thing was standing in the shooters' line of sight..... Not anymore, phone zombies have surpassed this.