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  • Hello; VERY nice WIN by Therese, Carlson is a hard player.
    Nice to see her play WELL, hope to see you and Terri in April.
    Bill Smith "Mr3Cushion"
    Part II

    I'm hoping to able play again soon competively, before I really get too old. I may try to play in the World Cup tourny in Las Vegas, is Terrie coming?, I hope so, we can finally meet in person.

    If you would ever like to talk directly my Phone # is, (321) 613-3269, also my

    Extermely nice to hear from you, and PLEASE give my regards to Ludo, I hope all is fine with business and his health is the same.

    Bill Smith "Mr3Cushion"
    Hello; How are you?, I knew from my experience gambling that the guy was full of, well, you know! I'm doing fine, my book and DVD is in the 2nd printings, and I've just started the process of translating everything into Spainsh. I;ve had many request for this so, I've decided to venture ahead with the project.

    Nice to see Terrie was delegated to be the European deligate for the USBA, hopefullly she'll be able to stimulate some activity between European women players and thoughout the rest of the world in the USA.

    I remember like it was yesterday the first time I walked into Ludo's liitle club, very cordial an quant. Allen Gilbert and myself played partners aginst Ludo and Raymond Stylarts, we won a few $, and had GREAT fun!, Also the first time ever drinking Belgian beer, Duval I believe, compared to American beers it packs a punch, a couple of glasses and I was done for the evening, wonderful times to remember.

    Part I:
    Out of curiosity, what cues do most of the players in the Netherlands use...It is common knowledge the Professional players will endorse whoever, will pay for their endorsements.
    What cues do the average, above average, say .5 to 1.0 players use in your country.
    This may be above your ability to assess...Just asking.
    Tnx Georgie-porgie
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