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  • Hey, thanks for the streaming BCA all week. I played in one of the finals yesterday and would love to watch the video, do you know when you will be posting them by any chance? I know you are extremely busy but it was my first time on the stream .

    Hey man I just wanted to say both of the power one pocket videos have improved my game tremendously.

    Throwing out the cash I've made this has made me enjoy the game more and even get other people into playing one pocket.

    Now if only I can pull off all the shots in this video :)
    Hello Fast Lenny,
    I sent you a payment for the power one pocket DVD. Have you sent the DVD? Payment was made by PayPal on the 23rd of this month.
    let me know please.
    Lenny, How did you load the large Photos of Minnesota Fats.
    My photos are always small.
    Do you load the photos individually or do you combine them?
    What software program are you using.
    Thanks and Take Care, Barney
    What pool hall do u you play out of? I usually play out of River City and Bullshooters once a week for leauge.
    I've had someone offer to pay me money using paypal. That is perfectly fine with me. They want to post the money up with someone from the forum first. Is this a good idea or not? Just wanted a second opinion before I made a decision. Thanks.

    Dear Lenny,
    I am not too good at getting around this site. Could you tell me if it is possible to get a copy of the tape you have on u tube of Cicero vs Lassiter. My Dad was the referee, and I though it would be really nice to have a copy.

    Yours sincerely, Carolyn Gassner
    Thanks Lenny....I just changed it out since Navi is now 9 months old and changing.
    This new avatar was my favorite spot in my 3 month tour of Europe. This is of the five cities making up the Italian Riviera site....No cars either.
    Hey Lenny,
    Here's your pm
    I can understand not wanting too.

    Thanks for the great stream.

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