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  • Hey do you still have wizard tips for sale? I have ordered from you a few times in the past I need 5 hard and 5 medium get back to me on a price please.
    I got a little surprise Sunday night when I walked into your pool room a little after midnight.

    Do you know of anyone that may have authentic Balabushka parts that can be used in a custom build? I've gotten on Steve Klein's waiting list (18 months) and I'm starting to kick around design ideas. It would be great to find some inlays, a bumper, anything really, that may be used in the construction of a new cue. Oh, and by the way, I hit the fruits last week. Cha-ching!

    If you get time go in and read the post I left on the micarta stuff it is post # 104 I think on page 7. Very informative.
    Have a great week
    marcus I spoke with micckey carroll about using your service to do a cue purchase. please pm me so we cccan get this done. i haven't used this servicce before soooooo i don't know what to do first. my name is charlie and my sccccccreen name is cvinal. thank you
    hey marcus i spoke with mr.carroll about buying a cue. he suggested we use your service. i'm all for that. i just don't know what to do. please pm me at cvinal to make arrangements to send you the money. thank you

    I have a friend that has an Abe Rich cue and he's looking for a replacement for the butt plug. Do you know where he may find a replacement? If possible, can you talk to Mark Kulungian - he's listed in the Blue Book as the guy to see on Rich cues.

    Ron F
    Looking to buy a Tascarella Playing cue. Will pay cash or could trade either a new ebony into ebony SW or a fancy Mottey. Any suggestions?
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