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  • Albert,

    Sorry to be so long answering. I do not go on the forums often. I went to Grimsley from 1964-1966. Grew up on COrnwallis Dr between Lawndale and Friendly shopping centers.
    Jay Helfert A GOOD GUY
    I was at the US Open with some friends and the day after we went back to the arena to look for a nice Leather Coat my friend Kool Cat nine lives lost the night before( he may have had to many) none the less we bumped into Jay and shared with him our delima. He told Kool Cat that he would check around and if found let him know., but if not he had a brand new Leather Coat he never used and the temp in Southern Ca. did not call for the need of a Leather Coat and thus he would send it to him. Sure as shooting a few days later Kool Cat called me and told me he got a package from Jay. Yes not Kool Cats coat but a new one just as good .. What are friends for. We had an awesome time at the Tournament but Jay's kindness sealed the deal. Not only did he do a great job at the Open but he closed us out in fashion with kindness and generousity to my friend Kool Cat. Hats of to Jay a good friend to Pool and many others as well.

    I was born in Greensboro in 1947 and lived there until 1976. I went to Grimsley High from 63-65.

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