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  • Hi Eric,

    I responded to your Action Room post regarding Grady vs Henderson...let me know if you want to do something. I think they start at 10:00 am west coast time.

    Hi Eric nice to meet you. I haven't really played in quite a few years. I used to play at Cue Club. I got in a real bad ATV accident at Dumont Dunes in 06'. Shattered right wrist (my shooting hand) fractured left wrist, broken ribs and hip displ. I'm fully recovered now but my hand is not 100%. I still swing by Cue Club once in a while to see what's up. I know few of the players there. Couple of weeks ago I was watching some action at Pool Sharks with Dwayne who you might know and it was so hilarious!!! This kid playing SVB had us rolling in laughs then he plays Bustamante for some high stakes that went south for a lot of people I felt bad for them.
    Me, Raul and Sylver were gonna stop by during the BCAPL, but we all ran out of time. So sorry about that, and also about your back. Hope you are feeling better. Tell Kelly hello from me!
    Hey Eric, thanks for the message and the friend request. Will you be at the one pocket tourney at Hollywood Billiards on 4th of July weekend?
    Hey buddy,

    I hope all is well and things are coming along fine. I know you are very busy but please write me sometime if you want to :)

    Are you still here in LA? Monte (atthecat) has invited us to play at his home room in Calabasas. Do you have a free day this week?

    Yo Eric, I hear you about the red chalk. Insidious stuff. Can you imagine what Rafael must have looked like with all the chalking he does(lol)? The private club sounds interesting, please keep me posted. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in Vegas. I was actually with Russ when he texted you, maybe next year if not before. I couldn't make it up to HB for the tourney this weekend - stuff to do. Take care and be well - Mitchell
    Hey Eric,

    I might need your help. Our pal Ming said you might be able to or know someone who can help me.
    I'm going out to Vegas to play some WSOP events, I'll be getting in around the 13th but the guy I'm going to be rooming with doesn't get in until the 22nd.
    If you know of a place I can rent for a week or so it would be a huge help. The Rio and most other hotels are just too much for me on my own after putting up the money for buy-ins.

    I hate to bother you with this but the guy I was originally supposed to go up with bailed just now so I'm scrambling to get things planned out.

    If you get a chance shoot me a text or give me a call on my cell: 954-663-5231.

    Dinner is on me :)
    Hi Eric,
    Absolutely, let's hook up with Ernie and play some. What part of town are you in? Do you have a 9 footer at your place? I'm in Calabasas which is a trek for most people but I have a killer Anniversary set up by Ernesto.
    See you at the Seminole this weekend.
    Take care Bud.
    Monte 323-804-0929
    Thanks Eric - hope the new business is going well. Let's get together this summer when you come back into town for a drink at least or bang balls if you're feeling better - I want to hear about your new business and your latest observations about pool.

    Take care,

    I would get lost in your house.I almost get lost in mine and ours is only a little over 4000SQ.
    The community is like living in a park.Everyone has at least 5 acres and it's an equestrian community.I will call you if we are coming out.
    Eric,I might be out in LA on labor day.My nephew is getting married.maybe we can get together then.Pm me your # and I will call if I can make it out.I also am thinking i might want to go to Vegas from LA.I heard your house was a monster.i have a pretty large one myself especially for S.florida.We have 5 acres.
    Hi Eric,
    I read your post about back pain and I just wanted to let you know that are 4 very basic stretching exercises that will stop all back pain. I have helped several people in our area with these exercises and they have no pain! The key is breathing and never missing a stretching session. I recomend 4 times daily for 3 days. And then 2 times daily until pain is gone. Once the pain is gone stretch 1 time daily. if you are interested let me know i will try to explain via typing how to do the exercises. Never have surgery.

    I made it back home today. But man, I really had it rough for awhile. That Big Mac combo I had must've been contaminated somehow. All I know is I was violently ill and am just now getting over it. Thanks for offering to help me out.

    Other than that, I had a great time in town. Of course, visiting with you is always good. Too bad you didn't get out to the Riv very often; I know back problems can be a *****.

    Let's hook up again if you come out to the Hollywood event.

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