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  • Our cute puppy

    Hi Bud you got this thing about sending messages to any one but yourself , figued out YET . Jim:rotflmao1::rotflmao1::joyful::rotflmao::lmao::kma::kma:
    :idea2::withstupid:YEP---- I can see it right below my other message. Click on my name to send a message to me.
    Hi I was wondering if you sent that message to yourself. You need to pock on my name to send a message to me. :bash::dance::kma::wave::killingme::clapping:
    I think you did Great!!!!!!!!!!! I have a guy that has some of Dykmans 20 to 30 yr. old birds-eye shafts , blanks, Sending me pictures. $100.00 per shaft. Jim
    Got message back from Dymitry on shafts. Looks like $250. apx. inc. shipping for 12 shafts, WOW. told him I'd get back to him. Gave him Witkies .com address , told him he might get ahold of Dan on his owm. This is a test to see if you see this and can answer it. Later Bud, jim
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