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    WTB Mcdermott cue model E-I6

    Let me know if you have one for sale.
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    Wood Storage conditions

    I would like to know what are the best temperature and storage conditions to store shafts dowels an partial shafts? I've recently found several warped pieces, I think it's very cold and humidity here. I'm looking for some advice.:thumbup:
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    Predator 3.14-3 for Wavy mezz joint
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    Falcon Cue BS1 + Eje Predator 314-2
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    Falcon cue BS1 + Predator 314-2

    Used Falcon Banff Series Model 1, has gray stained maple forearm with 4 ebony prongs outlined by bone ivory, and inlayed with blue mother of pearl spear drops, along with mother of pearl crosses. The joint collars feature ebony and ivory dashes, between 2 German nickel silver rings. The wrap is...
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    3/8-10 Carbide Sanding Mandrel

    3/8-10 carbide sanding mandrel, flat bottom thread mandrel, TAPER diameter, 0.850" and shank diameter: 5/8" Made by Cuefits, new, never used. $190 free shipping, paypal payment.
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    Used Predator3.14-3/Mezz cue shaft for Wavy joint
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    New Mcdermott i.2 cue shaft
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    New Tiger Pro-X cue Shaft
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    New OB Classic+ cue shaft
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    Predator Extension, rubber bumper thread

    hi, I would like to install a predator extension on an unbranded cue and I need to know what thread has the predator rubber bumper before installation, any information?
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    Falcon cues

    Hi, I wanted Falcon cues made in Canadá, old models as a Bs series or similar.
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    Huebler butt, rare HE-2 model
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    Joss with Jacoby shaft
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    Custom butt, unknow cuemaker