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    Is it possible to have a cue worked on at the DCC?

    I need to check with Joe to see if he has any Micarta left!!
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    30" butt with 3/8x10 pin

    How about a Brent Summers full splice blank?? Have a cue built like you wish. $850. three available Terry Aeschliman Galveston In 765 434 5131 for Pictures
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    Vigus, EDC, Astle.

    That Vigus is sick !!! Even sicker in person. Great seller here !!!!!
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    Is it possible to have a cue worked on at the DCC?

    Two of the best are there, Joe Blackburn and Steve Lomax
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    Which balls

    I am very happy with my Hyperions. No longer made and hard to find new!!
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    Isoplast Ferrules

    Maybe I missed it but did you find out anything about joint sizes?
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    Cyclop Hyperion Pool Balls

    I have a set, still in cellophane, $350 shipped.
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    Sold Original By Palmer $300

    If still available, I will take it! Terry Aeschliman Galveston In
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    Paypal sending money to family member instead of Seller?

    I've heard this same line of crap from several "sellers". The only way you are protected is Good and Services. If seller will not agree to that, something is wrong.
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    Value determination of a Joss West custom cue from 1992

    I have a JW very similar to this one, newer, but same materials. Mine is not for sale but if I were to put it on the market, asking price would be $6500. Joe Salazar sold one similar at the Derby last year. Price was 6K+
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    Vigus, EDC, Astle.

    Great selection Bill, as usual. See you down south
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    APA cue ball

    I am looking for a 2015 APA cue ball from the Riviera. It would be the last one from that venue. It would say "End of an Era" or words to that effect. Terry Aeschliman Galveston Indiana
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    Diamond ball racks

    Looking for a couple older style wooden ball racks for Diamond 7 foot Blue Label style tables. Cherry/Rosewood color Terry Aeschliman Galveston Indiana