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  • Mr, Davis

    please have your wife(sorry I dont know her name) call me on sat or sunday, I want to help her.

    Mr Davis,

    Happy Holidays,

    this is your eletronic Christmas card, I'm sending it to all my friends here and other people I dont know(yet), I'm in the Christmas Spreait this year!!! And want to share that gret feeling with my friends and pool players I havent met yet!!! 09 was a brutal year for all of us, so a litle joy now is what the Dr. ordered!!!

    I wish you to have a happy Christmas and a great 2010!!!

    shoot straight, and my best regards

    Eric aka Fatboy

    PS I hope your wife's back is getting better, i am but its taking a very long time. I was at the US Open this year but in the hotel most of the time as flying that long really takes its toll on me. again my warmest regards, and hello to Mike-Eric :)
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