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  • what cue? the ob? don't tell me hes got an admin. its not even been a week and yes ive sent it and sent him tracking. my god these people. btw he said he ws shipping by end of last week and he still hasn't shipped anything. so if im not the one bugging the shit out of the person does that mean it don't matter? Im not mad w/ u btw but some of these people need to exercise some patience. this guy is way out of line writing me oer and over every day. its literally been 6 days since transaction and I told him when I was shipping, as did he. only thing is hes written me and bugged me every day since. tell this guy something so he'll either learn this forum stuff or go onl thanks
    I've already sent them this is not your business until there is a problem. He sent me a diff stick then he said I just wanted to make sure the stick would work BC he said I could send it back if not happy so I used it for a week to make sure. Then I sent his cue. that's all
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