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  • Dear friend!
    Please go here to sign a petition to the White House, calling for them to investigate and condemn forced organ harvesting in China. Although the 25,000 signatures have been reached, but some signatures on the petition may come from CCP agents. We just have 2 days more, so your sign is extremely important for us right now.
    Thank you very much!

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    hey man i have seen you on here quite a bit now thats cool come on down wednesday and check it out
    welcome to AZ, Tan chalk is great-Masters Tan chalk. It will make a green or blue table look horrible after an hour but that dosent bother me personally. It works as god asthe blue. Green chalk sucks IMO. I been playing 25 years and I use blue. I have some Tan because if i'm test hitting with a cue the shafts will stay clean. thats the other advantage it will make a shaft look clean fo a very long time where as the colored chalk will make a shaft look dirty, I'm old school and have blue shafts and live by blue chalk.


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