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  • Kenny,

    What are the dates for your cue show and tournament? What is the fee to exhibit/sell cues?


    Bob Hoppmann
    Hi kenny
    i'm looking for bill stroud(josswest) contact info and seeing as you are the man when it comes to the pool world i figured you were the guy to ask. Thank you in advance. You can just pm me........jeff
    Kenny I owe you thanks for helping with the sale of my cues.To find someone with cash at sbe was like finding a needle in a haystack.You have a lot of connections, thanks for sharing. Frank (Herceks) O.
    Hey NIcky,,maybe up your area this week or next,,,going to ken,s room maybe,,,if you like to join,,

    nice seeing you as well,,

    It was great to see you again at the Expo. Just want to wish you and the family the Best of luck in the future!!!!!!!!!!


    I was wondering how much you are selling the Manzino for?

    Thank You
    Jeff Alessi
    How are you. Call Me on my cell at 646 522-0266.I would like to talk about cues maybe we can make a deal JOE
    you interested in a trade also by chance?? got a fellini on here and also wanted to know if you could verify if adams or viking made a case... got an old 1x2 that was told is an adams yet on the latch it says viking....odly enough original owner bought it when he bought an old viking that i also got for sale here...any info would be appreciated

    thanks in advance and let me know when you get the 3x6 cases in...(we talked on phone...)
    it was great to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think things willshake out and be good for all of us-it time.....this inbetween time is a grind.

    hurry your ass out to Vegas man, the rooms are free here thses days or stay at my house. seriuosly it wont cost you shit and we can hang out for a few days, you do your thing too. and at the end of the day you'll be glad you took the trip.
    Hey Dan,
    Nice meeting you also,,thanks for the kind words on my cues,,hope i can move at few at US Open,,see you next time down maybe have a good one.

    Little Kenny
    It was nice meeting you and your wife at Searings' shop. You have some of the nicest cues that I have ever seen.
    Dan Z
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