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    GC II ball box opening trim

    There are sharp nail or brad heads poking up higher than the level of the aluminum / plastic trim on the ball box opening on my table. The trim looks like a boxy extruded aluminum U that is bent to go around the corners of the opening Any suggestions on the cleanest way to keep the trim but...
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    breaking down bondo filler to move table

    Non-mechanic here. I have to put my table in storage for now and I'd like to try to break it down myself. My only concern is the bondo between the slates. How do I break that down without poping chunks out of the slates? Tell me how to wiggle them and I'll go with the consensus. Thanks!
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    custom Adler oversized 8 footer with spectator chairs and cue rack!

    Posting an AD for a friend. He's got a nice, antique-style custom Adler full-slate table. Three matching spectator chairs that swivel, and a nice, clean looking cue rack. The table has been in a climate controlled home the whole time. It has seem limited home play. It is still sporting the...
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    Double Pins and Double Hits in One Pocket

    This comes up in one pocket for me all the time and I keep finding myself telling people that they usually can't shoot through this situation to safety because they'll be double hitting the cueball. If you look at these situations and say its legal to shoot through the hole, ask yourself at what...
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    Frozen balls in One Pocket

    I'd like some experienced one pocket players to weigh in on this if possible. The rules that I've read and videos that I've seen sometimes seem to contradict one another on this one point. The situation is a frozen object ball and what determines a legal shot when playing the cueball directly...
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    Vollmer Cue (imported from Germany)

    I'm considering selling my player for two reasons if I get a fair offer on it. Otherwise I'll likely just keep playing with it as I do like it quite a bit. 1. I'm getting more and more less time for pool. 2. I keep worrying that someone is going to steal it...and I'd rather lose an...
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    Brunswick GC III for sale in Los Angeles foothills area

    UPDATED DESCRIPTION AND CRAIGSLIST AD AGAIN I moved out of the Los Angeles area so I'm selling this fairly new acquisition. Check out the craigslist posting if your interested: Send email to the email address in the ad with your phone...
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    White Joint Collar Material

    I'll be having a cue made in a few months and am curious as to the various white joint collar materials I have to choose from. I'd like to stay away from ivory. What are my choices and the pros/cons for each?
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    where do you hear things like...

    Mmmmmm no, I don't live here. AAAAAAaaaarrrarrrarrrrrrrrrrrgh! You should be nice to me...yoooooooou BASTARD!! I walked here, so I need a ride home. Oooooh, who are you?? Lets go for a walk. I don't want a shake! OOooooh hell hath no mercy.... Volunteer at a local retirement might...
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    anti-slow-play one pocket rule question

    This was in the tournament section and I got no answer: Saturday Before 1st Sunday One Pocket. -$200 added. -32 player limit. -Practice at 12:30, starts at 1pm. -Race to 2, Finals to 3. -Alternate Break. -$20 entry, $30 optional side pot. -4 Ball in kitchen rule still in effect, aggressively...
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    post your successful clearance shots, any game

    Here's a one pocket clearance shot trying to neutralize the break...
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    why don't YOU play in a league

    Where's the chalk? :confused: Dirty balls are a bad thing. Accidentally goosing a woman who is not your type in a crowded bar with your cue. After the goose, she won't stop following you around asking you what you do while telling you she's thirsty. While lining up an important shot, she...
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    Favorite One Pocket Shots

    What shot do you jump out of your chair to shoot when playing ol' one hole? Several come to mind for me. Here's one of them:
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    a one pocket escape route

    This comes up sometimes and is worth considering:,_consider_this_option.&ZZ2uDKA@...
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    Winning One Pocket soooo expensive

    for my opponents. This book is great!! I get evil giggles just thinking about the nasty shots I will be inflicting on people. I'll be getting the Beard's books via UPS shortly too. heh heh. PS -- One pocket is still better